Checklist: Information and Documents You Will Need to File a Wage Claim


To prove wage theft, you must provide documents and evidence that you were underpaid.



If you decide to file a claim for unpaid wages, be sure you have all of the information and documents you will need, including:

  • personal information, such as name, birthdate, address, phone number, email address, and Social Security number
  • name, address, and phone number of your employer
  • the location where you actually worked (this may be different from the employer’s official address)
  • your manager’s or the company owner’s name and phone number
  • a description of the type of work you did or do for the employer
  • pay stubs or wage statements showing how, when, and how much you were paid for the period in question, and
  • work hours, shift assignments, or other time records showing hours worked in the period in question.

You can find more information about what you need to have on hand to file a wage claim at Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division.


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