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We've selected the following directories of bankruptcy attorneys that serve Bakersfield, California and Kern County. Not all attorneys list on all directiories, so we offer you a choice to help you find the widest possible selection of Bakersfield, California bankruptcy lawyers.'s Bakersfield Lawyer Directory 

Started by original FindLaw founder and "free law" pioneer, Tim Stanley, has localized listings & profiles of attorneys that have been listed on lawyer directories services,including Nolo's and Cornell University's LLI project.

NACBA Attorney Finder 

Type in your zip code to find bankruptcy attorneys in your area who are members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA).

Nolo Lawyer Directory of Bakersfield Area Bankruptcy Attorneys

Nolo offers lawyer profiles and asks the attorney whether they're open to the idea of working with people who have read up on the subject of bankruptcy.

Directory of Board Certified consumer bankruptcy lawyers within 50 miles of Albany 



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