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Voter Information and Government Directory for Ohio

Monday, September 20th, 2021

Ohio  Voter Information and Government Directory for Ohio
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Voter Information and Government Directory for Ohio

Voter Registration Info | Directory of Government Representatives | Local | County | State | Federal | Ohio Law on Line - from the Library of Congress Law Libray

At Democracy by Zip, our mission is to provide easy access to the resources Americans rely on to understand how our democracy works and successfully navigate the system at all levels. Our data is kept up to date using resources like the Google Civic Information API and the Library of Congress.

A project of Legal Consumer, Democracy by Zip provides the most current information available, including:

  • A contact directory of your local, state, and federal elected and appointed officials for Cleveland, Ohio. 

  • Access to your state’s voter registration status check web page, to ensure you haven’t been kicked off the voter rolls in Ohio - and how to re-register if you have been.
  • A growing library of informative articles on important topics related to democracy in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Relevant stories from around the web.

Voting Information for Ohio

  • Check your Ohio voter registration to see if it’s current
  • Register to vote in Ohio
  • Find your local polling place in in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Cast an absentee ballot in Ohio
  • Contact local elected officials in Cuyahoga CountyOhio

Check your Ohio
voter status now!