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Nationwide Sources

To keep up with the flood of falsehoods uttered these days it is more important than ever to have reliable sources of fact-based news. 

Some of the sources we respect most are listed below, by Category.

Consumer Law & Debt:

NCLC (National Consumer Law Center) Consumer Law information

  • based in Boston, creates high quality manuals used by legal aid lawyers nationwide.
  • Their Covid19 Materials are avialable for free,
  • including their excellent book on Surviving Debt)

NACBA (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys)

  • an association of dedicated lawyers who looks out for the rights of consumers against the "gothcha captalism" practiced by banks and predatory lenders)
  • their consumer page

Personal Finance

USA Today - Personal Finance

  • (this little paper we all read in motels back in the day has become a quality source of online reporting)


  • (they often have very good advice for consumers, that applies to people of any age, not just old people. Much of their advice assumes you have retirement savings, and helps you spend and save wisely and avoid scams)

Consumer Reports

  • good, data driven, reporting on getting value for your money,
  • good reporting on pro and anti consumer legislation)
  • good reporting on recalls


  • great consumer resources, pro consumer, pro worker, quality reporting


  • all of the LegalConsumer authors know each other from there years they worked or wrote for Nolo.
  • Most LegalConsumer authors are are also authors of one or more Nolo books,
  • Several LegalConsuemr authors were editors, authors, or co-inventors of bestselling WillMaker software, that has mead millions of wills over the 30 years of its existence.  


  • - Operated by "free law" pioneer Tim Stanley

Democracy Now

  • Free speech pioneers on the left, offer a solid, fact based reporting often not heard elsewhere.

The Economist

  • Pro-business, fact based magazine from the UK, with superb writing and interesting insights about American politics.


  • Public Radio supported by community listeners and a large endowments.


  • Venerable rumor-busters perform a great public service, and are needed now more than ever.