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Juneau, AK Bankruptcy Guide

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Automatically apply the Juneau Borough expense standards, and Alaska income standards to your means test calculation.

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Alaska Bankruptcy Exemptions

Alaska Exemptions Summary:


Principal residence up to $72,900* -- joint owners may each claim a portion, but total can't exceed $72,900
Homestead amount adjusted for inflation every two years. Current as of 10/1/2020. Source: Alaska BK Court.

Vehicle Exemption

Up to $4,050 worth of one vehicle, as long as the total value of the vehicle does not exceed $27,000.

Personal Property

Up to $4,050 worth of total personal property, including: clothing and household goods, books and musical instruments.
Up to $1,350 worth of jewelry.
Up to $3,780 worth of professional books, tools and implements.
Up to $1,350 of pets.
100 percent of health aids, burial plots and certain benefits.

Wild Card



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