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South Dakota Bankruptcy Guide

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Automatically apply the South Dakota median income standards and county expense standards your means test calculation.

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South Dakota Bankruptcy Exemptions

South Dakota Exemptions Summary:


Real property to unlimited value or mobile home (larger than 240 sq. ft. at its base and registered in state at least 6 months before filing) to unlimited value; property cannot exceed 1 acre in town or 160 acres elsewhere; sale proceeds to $30,000 ($170,000 if over age 70 or widow or widower who hasn't remarried) exempt for 1 year after sale (husband & wife may not double)

Vehicle Exemption

no specific exemption

Personal Property

Bible, schoolbooks; other books to $200
Burial plots, church pew
Family pictures
Food & fuel to last 1 year

Wild Card

Head of family may claim $6,000, or nonhead of family may claim $4,000 of any personal property


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