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The Means Test, Line By Line

Means Test Calculator Table of Contents

The means test spans three forms and more than 50 questions about your income and expenses. Here's a line by line TOC with direct links to our Means Test Calculator.
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Updated: 2020-08-25
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Means Test Calculator Table of Contents (TOC)

The five lines required to make the means test lookups work

The calculator needs these five pieces of information to look up the relevant income and expense allowances for Colorado and Mesa County.* Click on the line number in brackets to jump to that line of the form.

  1. Marital/Filing Status: [] (Form 122A-1, Line 1)
  2. Household Size[] (for median income) (Form 122A-1, Line 13)
  3. Number of Dependents: [] (for exepense allowances) (Form 122A-2, Line 5)
  4. Persons for whom you pay healthcare:
    under 65
    [] (Form 122A-2, Line 7)
    65 and over: [] (Form 122A-2, Line 7)
  5. Number of Vehicles you maintain: [] (Form 122A-2, Line 11)

Note: Values you have entered for each item are shown in [brackets]. If you notice stale data displayed here, make sure you Save your data (by clicking a "Save" button or hitting Enter while in a field) and then refresh the page.

* To change the county, just change the zip code at the top of the page. Or select the State and County from the drop down menus below the zip code box


Form 122A-1
(Median Income Test)

Form 122A-1Supp
(Exclusions for Non-Consumer Debtors, & some Veterans and National Guard Debtors)

Form 122A-2
("Means Test" Disposable Income After Allowed Expense Deductions)

Automatically apply your county expense standards and state income standards to your means test calculation.

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