Student Loan Law by ZipCode

Student Loan Law by ZipCode


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- Student Loan FAQ - (FAQ)

- Student Loan Basics - (Basics)

- Student Loan Payment Options - (Payments)

- Student Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation - (Forgiveness)

- Student Loan Default - (Default)

- Student Loan Problems - (Problems)

  • How To Get Help With Student Loan Problems

    If you run into hassles with your student loan -- lost payments, harassment from bill collectors, or other serious annoyances -- here are some ways to deal with them.

  • Avoiding Student Loan Scams And Pitfalls

    Don't get taken in by scammers out to profit from borrowers who don't know how the student loan system works.

  • Unfair Student Loan Collection Practices

    When you default on a student loan, you may be subject to a wide range of collection tactics -- from phone calls and letters to the loss of your tax refund or some of your wages. Know what's legal and what's not.

  • Student Loan Lawsuits

    If you find yourself facing a student loan lawsuit, don't panic -- but don't ignore it, either. Here are a few things you should do.

- Getting Help With Student Your Student Loan - (Help)

  • Tips For Finding And Working With Your Loan Servicer

    To make changes or resolve problems with a student loan, you must work with the loan "servicer." Sometimes, though, it's difficult to know who the servicer is. Here are tips on finding that information and getting results.