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Utah Bankruptcy Info

Utah Bankruptcy Information

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Utah Median Income Standards


Utah Bankruptcy Exemptions

Utah Homestead

Real property, mobile home, or water rights to $30,000 if primary residence; $5,000 if not primary residence (joint owners may double)


Motor vehicle to $3,000


Unpaid earnings as of the date of filing not more than 1/24th or of the annual Median Income for the state of Utah, or 1/12 if earnings are not paid more than once a month.

Personal property & Tools of Trade

Animals, books, & musical instruments to $1,000
Artwork depicting, or done by, a family member
Bed, bedding, carpets
Clothing (cannot claim furs or jewelry)
Dining & kitchen tables & chairs to $1,000
Food to last 12 months
Guns: any 3 of handgun, shotgun, shoulder arm plus 1,000 rounds for each
Health aids
Heirlooms to $1,000
Refrigerator, freezer, microwave, stove, sewing machine, washer & dryer
Sofas, chairs, & related furnishings to $1,000
Tools of trade to $5,000



More info About __ Bankrutpcy Exemptions including citations.

Utah Bankruptcy Courts



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