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How to File Bankruptcy

Learn how to file bankrupcty with overview of what is involved in filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Court Information

The local bankruptcy court info page provides maps and information about your local federal district bankruptcy court and how to find the courts "local rules."

Free Bankruptcy Forms

check out the free downloadable bankruptcy forms where you can get the forms that you'll (or your lawyer) will need to fill out if you decide to file

Bankruptcy Links

The topic of bankruptcy is larger than this website. It takes the whole internet to cover all the aspects of a topic like bankruptcy. When we find good stuff, we link to it. Links - News - Blogs


50 State Bankruptcy Exemption Laws

The state bankruptcy exemptions (also known as asset protection laws) show you the bankruptcy property exemption laws for your state

Free Means Test Calculator

A free bankruptcy means test calculator applies the local income and expense deduction standards for your state, county and metropolitain area to help you determine whether you pass the "means test" for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Your Zip Code

Want help? The local bankruptcy services page uses your zip code to connect you with local credit counsellors, lawyers and other service providers who can help you if need want advice or help with the filing process.






Congress changed the bankruptcy laws to make it harder for people to file. I created this website to make it easier.

The "Bankruptcy Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2005" (BAPCPA) is a bad law. Some lawyers and law professors have taken to calling it the "Bankruptcy Abuse Reform Fiasco" (BARF). It's based on false assumptions about why people get into financial trouble and imposes additional rules and paperwork on people already overwhelmed by bad luck and unpayable debt.

Despite these new obstacles, bankruptcy law still provides valuable benefits to those who need it. It helps you get on with your life. Indeed, "getting on with your life" is the whole point of bankruptcy -- to put your debts behind you and go forward with a "fresh start." This website helps you learn about the benefits of bankruptcy and how to obtain them. It lists relevant and affordable products and services that can help you file for bankruptcy with a minimum of expense and hassle.

Information is not advice. Although this website will give you a lot of information about bankruptcy law and procedure, it does not -- and cannot -- tell you, specifically, how this information applies to your exact situation. Nor can it advise you which course of action is right for you.

Also, I attempt to keep this information up to date, but you are responsible for confirming its accuracy before relying on it. This website is intended as a supplement to other materials, such as the book I co-author.

The listings of bankruptcy products and services are not endorsements. They are intended to expose you to the full range of tools and services that can help you file for bankruptcy. Think of these listings as a phone book, not a referral. It is up to you to evaluate the quality of those products or services and make your own purchasing decisions. If there are third-party reviews of products or services, I attempt to quote or link to them.

Remember to bookmark this website if you have found it helpful so far. You won't find a more comprehensive collection of bankruptcy resources and information anywhere on the Web. Make it your starting point for your bankruptcy research. And tell your friends.

Best of luck to you as you traverse your financial troubles.


Albin Renauer, RelationalVision, LLC
co-author of How to File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Nolo)

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